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Google news is, maintained and managed by Google, this is a collection of different articles from some of the top class 4,500 various news sources,

With increasing time and modification, google news has gone many changes, with changing world google has involved a variety of new things like artificial intelligence and other technologies due to this news features have been added to google news.

Here are some of the basics on which Google news approved websites works!

  •    First of all, one thing to consider here is that not every website is news website, due to which the search engine is so designed so that it can restrict sort of searches to google classified places.
  •    The formatting is essential, hence because of that, the top stories are listed at the top of the page and as you scroll down and check you will find different categories which are like entertainment, sports, health and some of the top class categories.
  •    In the left navigation pane, you will find that you are given with top news of the day.
  • The best thing about google news sites is that they provide you variety of options like
  •    Dateline, the date on which the article was published and in addition to this the time is also given, using this you can consider which item is top fresh article.
  •    Summaries, this is something, which everyone likes when you have a ton load of news available, then going through those news becomes a bit difficult. Hence you can go through summaries to do that.
  •    In addition to this in google news, you will find some of the top class options like clustering, you can customize your google news with that you are given all control over your panel.

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What is google news website?

  •    Google news websites are those websites which are approved by the google, and Google takes the responsibility about their content and information, if you have one such website then the best thing is that Google will help you out how you can carry information and can attract a massive amount of audience.
  •    According to Google, the following an algorithm which is used to define news-based websites into their listing and there are many benefits of having google news approved site. But one of the best ways to do this is by having high-quality content, and in addition to the, you have to make sure that all the information which you are providing should be unique.

Here are some of the benefits which you can enjoy if you have a google news website.

  •    One of the top benefits of having a google approved site is that it gives you an opportunity to gather a high audience and influence a high amount of audience, Google says that quality should be on hold rather than quantity, this is the reason. if you have a google news website then you have to consider that your content is of good quality.
  •    When you have a google news website, one of the best things is that Google will help you to gain traffic, you need not to SEO for your post, and you post will be ranked every time you post something.
  •    The authority status of your website will be high, this is the way some people will try to go for social bookmarking on your, and some will go for link building.
  •    This is the best benefit, the amount of organic traffic you are gaining will be high.

How to get approved for google news or how to get approved in google news?

If you have tried many times and still you are not getting the google news approval, then this section of the article we help you, here in this section we will provide you with a complete checklist using which you can check out the issues that you have to sort out to get the approval.

  •    The very first thing is that you should have a good design and you should focus on providing excellent quality to the user.
  •    Here you should not try to trick the search engine; this can lead to altogether banning your website, here you should make sure that users are not engaged in the other activates

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  •    Be sure that you are providing an excellent experience to the user.
  •    You do not have all the proper pages which describe your website, and this is very important if you want to get a google news approval, one thing that you have to consider that to put all your contact us, disclaimer, about us pages this will help you a lot in getting the approval.

You should always avoid the given things

  •    Never generate the content automatically
  •    Do not use link schemes to build more links
  •    Never do any hidden text or links to manipulate the things.
  •    Never send unauthorized automated queries to Google.

Some of the characteristics which your website must follow!

  •    The news content, you should always upload content at the proper time, and your content should be relevant and, and in addition to this you should ensure that your content should look like a story, this is liked by the costumes.
  •    Journalistic values, this is very important as you are working as a journal, then you should maintain all the journalism values, all your given information should be accurate, you should not provide honesty and provide original reporting.
  •    Irrespective of what you should always target a becoming an authority figure and you should give a best in class information.

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  •    Readability, this is very important, if you are giving the content of high quality and you are maintaining al your ethics but the content which you are providing is un-readable or sort of un-understandable then your content is of no use, people will not understand what you want to convey. This is an ultimate trick if you are searching tip on how to build a google news site?

Some of the google news approval tricks!

  •    Your article should not be too short, an item must have a minimum of 300 words and in addition to this if you wish to quote something, then you need to give a check that this should make a small portion. If you are making quotes on a substantial basis then, you need to make sure that the original written copy should exceed the quote in size.
  •    You should publish a minimum of seven articles regularly, here one of the beautiful things that you can do is to make shifts.
  •    Make your sitemap, this is very important, as SEO is taken into consideration, this is very good to have an XML site map for your website
  •    One of the most important thing that you can do is to enable metadata all over your website.
  •    Here this is very important to have the following page for your website. These are

    Contact Us Page:- this is very important, have your contact us page for your organization and in addition to this in contact, our page you have to maintain your actual physical address.

    About us page:- in this page you have to define what is your website all about clearly, how do you people work and about yourself, this is very important to do since all the things are essential, here you have to mention your accountability, your biographic and in addition to this you’re biographic.

    this is a foremost thing, as this is a new website, you cannot afford to have grammar and spelling mistakes in your article, this actually decreases your brand value, hence ensure that you are using proper grammar.

     in news websites, it’s all about content; thus you have to make sure that your content is good and to the point.

My google news submission rejected! What to do?

There are various factors due to which your approval is rejected here is a list of those issues which you must sort out to get a support

  •    Replication of content, this is an evil practice that you are using replicated content, don’t take content from other websites make your content.
  •    Articles quality and length, here you should always maintain the class, you are providing real-life information to the visitors, here make should that your content is accurate and is based on the trusted source.

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  •    Site is inactive for a while, this condition is terrible, here you should consider that your website is going to attract many visitors, small inactivity will be very tough to handle, hence make sure that you are not doing such stuff that you down your brand value.
  •    Here tip, If you’re using an old website, this will be tough to use hence you have to consider that you are using an old website, this will help you to get your approval.

google news approved websites list,

These are some of the working google news India websites



  •    This will take you a lot of time, if you want to get a news google website which works on the way you want, one of the things that you have to do it that to show Google that you are working correctly and you don’t have any tricky website. Hence your content should be quality and readability should be high and in addition to this, you have to take care that you update content on a regular basis. And in addition to this, you have to consider that you full fill all the requirement asked by the google otherwise this is might possible that you won’t get the approval. Hence complete all the necessary steps and do a great job.
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